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Similar to our general services, we do all we can with our endodontic procedures to give patients the most comfortable and effective service available. To do this, we use an endodontic microscope that enhances the visibility and magnification of the treated area. With such advanced technology, Dr. Hamid Rouhani can provide the high-quality care he feels his patients deserve.

Endodontic microscopes are powerful in illuminating the inner area of the tooth, making sure our dentist sees all that is needed to give you the most successful treatment possible. With a noticeable increase in accessibility and visibility, we provide you with less-invasive treatments and better long-term results. With a clearer perceptibility of where the problem areas are within your tooth’s structure, we can provide optimal endodontic treatments. We can even complete your treatment process with fewer X-rays because of the visual aid of our endodontic microscope in Garner, North Carolina.

Benefits of using this leading technology can also be seen in the recovery time and the decreased discomfort of treatment. We utilize this microscope to provide you with the highest success rates possible. For more information and to set up your appointment at Bright Smiles Family Dentistry, please call our office today at 919-661-4077. We look forward to hearing from you!

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